Thursday, June 30, 2005

And so we begin ...

Some time ago, while on the stationary bike on the gym, I started wondering how much I weighed when I was racing really, really, well (39:20 10K PR, 18:36 5K) I figured I've gained 10 pounds since then, most of it in the past 5 years. Ten pounds X 16 oz./pound X 28 grams/oz. (don't ask how I remembered that) X 9 calories per gram of fat yields 40,320 extra calories I've neglected to burn off. Divide by 100 calories per (light) beer and it's roughly 400 beers*. Actually, it's 403.2 but I didn't think "403.2 Beers" had a good flow (so to speak) and I think I burned up the extra 3.2 while doing the math (I had to figure it right then, right there, on the bike, sans calculator)

I had originally thought I could burn them off at a nice one a day rate (using the industry standard of 100 calories per mile: run three miles in the morning, and only drink two beers at night yields a net loss of one). Throw in some marathon and triathlon training and it becomes a walk in the park.

Not so fast, sis.

Miss a run, have a couple extra on Wednesday night, and bang zoom, you're back into a deficit.

It's ten weeks 'til the Distance Run, five months until the Philly Marathon (a long shot, that) and six months left in the year.

Wish me luck

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La Tortuga said...

At the time of "400 Beers" conception - I too was aiming for Philly, but needed a weight gain. Hence 400 Ice cream cones.

However - the tables have turned. Philly is out and I am up a few pounds. It looks as if I may need to do some math to lose 7 and run the Tuft's 10K by Columbus Day W/E. Or mabye Randy will be nice and do the math for me...