Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Baseline it for me, boy.

I got a physical last night. Primarily, it was for the adoption, but I also wanted to get a sense of how badly my physical condiditoning had slipped.

Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as I thought, except for one "metric"

I didn't need to get undressed (which was a shame becuase the doctor was a total cutie).

Due to the fact I was wearing big shoes, I am now 5' 6½" ... I've been wating for YEARS to add that ½"

Blood Presure: 117/78 slightly low, but good.

Eyes: Good - even though I had my lenses in, they were totally filty, and I had to blink a few times to focus on the chart.

Hearing: Good - I would have liked to know exactly what frequency the constant ringing I hear is and at how many dB.

Heart / Lungs: Good - I'm surprised Dr. Kathleen Cutie didn't notice a bit of heavy breathing on my part; or could we BOTH feel it???

Sadly she did not examine "below." Probably for the better.

As far as cholesterol and such, I'll be getting blood done this week, sometime.

Oh, I left something out ...

Weight: um, yeah ... um ... One hundred sixty one pounds ... 161.

I'm up TEN pounds over last year. Shit!!! I'm up ten pounds since ... SEPTEMBER!!! Granted, since I was dressed, some of that it "wearable" weight, but not much. Maybe three pounds??? 158 is still a daunting number. I haven't weighed nearly this much (and, had so little to show for it) since ... well, since I STARTED running. Christ, it's WHY I started running.

Technically speaking, that would push my 400 beers to 800 beers!!! (20 pounds off would bring me back to racing shape). I don't think I can plan on doing that. Some of those beers may come off as a course of training, but I'm not moving the bar up. I'd rather set it low, succeed, and move it up higher (lower???), than move it way up and fail.

400 Beers it is, and 400 Beers it shall stay.

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