Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Training

While doing my 10-mile bike ride, after my 4-mile run, I was just zoning out watching the traffic on Bally's track go by. A group of three teenagers came up the steps. They had on pretty much the same outfit - with slight variations in color - contractor-style (carpenter / plumber) overalls, v-neck t-shirt, trucker hat, Timberland work boots. They each carried a 10- or maybe 20-pound dumbell in each hand.

They walked a couple laps around the track, being very carefull not to bump anyone with the iron. Then they started jogging, still with the weights.

I figured that they were just warming up, before lifting, but the kept going. One lap, two laps, three. Then they started doing what runners would describe as intervals, fast laps, then slow.

I couldn't figure out what I was watching.

Then it occurred to me.

These kids were actually TRAINING for the spring and summer burglary season!!! Running fast while carrying heavy weight!!!

I wish I'd thought of that 30 years ago.

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