Monday, November 20, 2006

Re-[ …] Day

I think everyone has a day, every year, where they reset the clock, turn the page, do some karmic housecleaning, tidy up the garage of Zen, power-wash the spirit, resort the psychic sock drawer, and so on and on. The metaphors flow freely.

For most it’s a birthday – especially if that birthday ends in a “0”. Many more find January 1st [New Year’s Day] more convenient. Others follow their Lenten abstinences and observances with a year-long commitment to better living; whether it’s less chocolate or more prayer.

For me that day is November 19th – my daughter’s birthday; a day I’ve referenced many times in these pages and others.

It's celebration comes in many forms.

Rejuvenation Day
I’m not getting any younger. But spending an afternoon being with, and acting like, a kid does wonders. This year I painted a ceramic monkey purple to the amazement and amusement to a dozen first graders. Last year I was a rodeo clown on skates at the Philadelphia Flyers’ practice facility. I don’t have a plan for next year yet.

Recalibration Day
Check the weight, check the BP, check the fluids. This year the cholesterol – although 6 points lower than last year – got me a good talking to. This is followed by …

Realignment Day
Appointment with chiropractor; bring a non-wrapped toy and get a free adjustment. Works for me.

Re-imagination Day
This is the most self-indulgent part of the day. It’s all about appearance. Is there some part of my personality / image that could use some ‘refinement’? Perhaps a make-over?

With the addition of Vicki to the family, I am no longer that little geek in the broken-down squirrel-powered skateboard that was Sally.

I’m getting looks … nice ones.

Revisitation Day
Simply, picking up projects and hobbies that have fallen by the wayside; prioritizing them and starting over. A new journal/sketchbook was purchased.

Reconnection Day
I call, write or email someone I haven’t spoken to in a while.

When all is said and done, Re-Something-Something Day is simply a correction of course and speed on a long journey.

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