Saturday, June 02, 2007

Formerly Known as "HeatSeeker"

Today, on my mid-afternoon trot, I saw at least 8 pairs of sunglasses by the side of the road. They were mostly of the pale pink, purple or orange lensed variety with clunky goldish frames; they same as favored by a certain celebretard/ Slut-kateer who shares Lois Lane's initials.

I surmised that - much as stunned Beatlemaniacs had reacted when St. John Lennon proclaimed the Beatles "more popular than Jesus" which prompted them to throw copies of "Meet The Beatles" to the flames - the Lohanistas had finished their last Red Bull & Vodkas and thrown their eyewear from their cars in horror, shame, disgust and defiance.

Or, they just passed out with their heads hanging out the window and the shades fell off as they puked*

In any case ...

As I sit here, sipping on a refreshing Hoegaarden, I am reminded of a time when I could run 4 miles - or more - in 90° heat without worry.

It occured to me at about mile 3 that I may be 10 years and 15 pounds removed from such activity.

I'll do better next weekend.

* No vomitory evidence was seen, thank goodness.

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