Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BEER: 7/28/2002-10/16/2006

The completely transcribed volume [3-1/2 years, exactly 1,250 pages!] of glorious non-linear rambling; now available, by your request, in 2 full-color, nearly-completely annotated (although with a distinctly singular point-of-view), semi-interactive (some links have been broken, sorry) PDFs.

Absolutely free - except for a temporarily jammed e-mailbox.

But wait ... That's not all!!!

Order before 10/31/2007, and recieve as a bonus PDF of all 19 Appendices. Now, I'm not saying these will make anything more clearer, but it wouldn't hurt, if youse know what I means ... And I would suggest youse pick up on that.

Beer: A Conversation
Glad to Help

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