Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Ghost Story

When I lived in Voorhees I used to run a nice 4-mile out and back along Laurel Oak Road through woods and meadows. It didn't look like it does now ... Over the years the woods became a the Jefferson Hospital Buildings and the Skate Zone, the meadows became parking lots, and the path became a sidewalk.

One spring evening, I made the turnaround at the stoplight in front of the Water Company (which once was just a 4-way stop, but now had two left-turn only lanes - with arrows) and head back towards LoneStar, OliveGarden, etc. I was surprised to hear feet shuffling up behind me. Surprised because I hadn't see anyone else running at the light and I had moved quite a way back before I heard them. I turned around to see a guy in his fifties, I guess, also out for a spring run, but dressed in summer gear (singlet and old-school short shorts).

I was on the barely year old sidewalk, but he was running in the street. "Hey! You may want to use the sidewalk. I don't think it's a good idea to be in out in the road."

"What sidewalk???"

"Over here. It's new."

At this point we were just coming around a bend. I could see headlights approaching in the dusk. As they turned toward my guest, the driver leaned on the horn.

When I turned to say "Told ya!" ... There was no one there.

A couple of days later, I called the Voorhees and Gibbsboro Police departments. Many years ago a jogger HAD been struck and killed right where I was.

Right about where the Phantoms practice!!!

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