Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How Did I Get So Lucky?!!!

With the merger of the forums into, so have the legendary BEER threads migrated.

[the link to "Beer Thread 2006 - The Elvis Year" has been updated] has a funky little points system, I guess with which to gauge participants' participation. I have not been able to find out anywhere on by what criteria the points are awarded. There may be some algorithm which measures posts you make and posts of yours that are replied to and awards points as such, but I can't find it.

I also cannot find any documentation as to what they are worth in the end, either.

Anyway ...

With the said migration of the BEER threads and a few other silly little ones I created in the defunct "Food Court," I was - until just recently - the Big Kahuna of points earners. In fact, when the BEER threads popped up, LaTortuga - my co-editor - jumped right up to #1 and #2.

Currently, we're holding steady at 11,185 and 8,930 points respectively.

I can't see my total going much higher, since - for my part - it's no fun participating in the BEER threads without her, MikeMills or therealman.

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