Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sure, guys. Whatever you say.

Magic Hat Lucky Kat Irresitable Pale Ale
Lucky Kat purrs as he pours with a grin on his mangy face and a grin in his searching eye. He sits on the fence he calls home, dividing up from down. Is he an imperial beast or a pale soul from the east? Only he knows and we know only this: if you reach out to pet him he'll bite back with a big, hoppy kiss.

Dry-hopped with Amarillo and Crystal.

Do the folks at Magic Hat think they are all there is? Granted word travels slowly in VT; but they must have some contact with the outside world: New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, at least.

Maybe they DON'T know about the IPA's being produced in Pennsylvania, Maryland and especially at Dr. Calagione's Monster Shop in Delaware.

I hate to say this, but the bloom is off the blossom. With Magic Hat discontinuing Blind Faith and Fat Angel, they have only HiPA and Circus Boy to hold my attention and even that is at a $7.99 price point.

They may be coming up with even more clever sayings under the bottle cap than, say, "The Universe begins three feet to your left" but my cap-alogue topped out at 310 or so ... the PDF is done, so I'm not adding any more, and I'm really not looking.

Thanks for the T-shirts, but I think we're finished here. Nice box, though.

Magic Hat Lucky Kat: Aspires to HopDevil, falls short - 8.75

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