Wednesday, June 18, 2008

School's Out

First, some generalizations:

Runners are inflexible, and not just their calves, quads or hamstrings.
Cyclists are tinkerers, playing and tweaking; just for the hell of it sometimes
Triathletes are always looking to save a few minutes, even a few seconds.
Surfers … well, they don’t really plan very well, they just go with the flow.

During the school year, my morning schedule was based on dropping D’Kid off at BeforeCare around 7:45

5:30 Wake up
Bathroom [brush teeth, etc.]
Run [4-miles or ½ hour depending on the day]
Wake-up D’kid
Breakfast for her
[D’Wife Showers]
Morning chat for me
D’Wife makes her own lunch; I shower
[D’Wife dresses and leaves at 7:10]
Iron clothes for D’Kid and I
Make lunches
7:45 Out the door

Now, with D’Wife taking her to camp, my schedule is geared to get me to work at 8:00 or earlier, so I can leave at 4:30 to pick D’Kid UP from Camp.

As a Runner, my first reaction was “No way. I’m getting up plenty early as it is. I can’t cut anything out of my schedule, and I won’t tolerate an earlier start”
The Cyclist recommended, “Well, there are some inefficiencies in your schedule. It could stand some tightening up.”
The Triathlete observed, “If you get your shower right after the girls leave, you could leave the door open and you wouldn’t have to wait for the mirror to unfog before you shave”
“Who cares, dude, as long as you get a run in and enjoy the sunrise,” advised the Surfer.

Schizophrenic? I’m bloody quadrophenic?

So now it’s:

5:15 Wake up
Bathroom [brush teeth, etc.]
Run [4-miles or ½ hour depending on the day]
D’Wife already has D’Kid up and eating breakfast when I get back in the house, so I make lunches and iron while she showers. D’Kid finishes breakfast, takes her morning meds [asthma] and gets herself dressed.
6:45 They leave for Camp [dropoff is at 7]
Shower and dress
7:15 Out the door

Where’s the morning chat?

Well, we just started this routine this week and my AM chat partner was on BizTrav, so we haven’t worked that part out just yet.

I see some time available before 7:15.

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Anonymous said...

Both schedules sound pretty hectic to me! I tend to be quite lazy and slow in the mornings. At least you can still get a run in.