Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Re-Arranging the Furniture

I moved some stuff around ... mostly because (after how many years?) that monthly Archive listing over there to your left was getting just too damn long.

Yeah ... I'm all about customer service - for the seven people who drop by every week.

Cheers and good runs [not necessarily in that order]



sneakersister said...

:) Well, I have you in my google reader so while I may not drop by this page, I still read what you're writing.

Rudy Martinez said...

I already counted you as one of the seven LOL

Audrey said...

Very tidy, now can you come over and rearrange my loungeroom? :-)

Rudy Martinez said...

Anytime, Aud ... can I bring my two assistants?

BTW: Thanks to you, Mariel thinks she may actually be a puppy person [most of her WebKinz are dogs, after all]