Friday, October 09, 2009

Fun with Electronics

Chilly, chilly, chilly yesterday morning, but so beautiful, with a crystal clear sky and a lopsided smirky moon looking down on me as I trotted past the cemetery for an easy 4 mile loop, my Team Tania blinky flashing away [my newest lucky charm/talisman]

I noticed on my way to work that sometime between my run and my drive in, the local law enforcement had put one of those "Your Speed Is ..." signs on the street I use ...

I wondered:

a) If I'm a large enough target for it to see me? [5'6" and 140lbs? Not a whole lot to work with]

2) If it will accurately record my speed? [Is there a minimum?]

iii) Could I get it to say "10 MPH?" [I could hit a 6:00 pace for a hundred yards or so, if needed]


The sign is about 8/10s of a mile out. My plan was to run past, just see if it worked, then continue on my 4-mile loop, before making my "speed run" then finishing up.

I was a little concerned that it only said "Buckle Up" as I approached. About 30 yards away however, it woke up ... "7 MPH" just as my friend Gator Bob had experienced, running past one of those himself.

Yeah, I wasn't gonna wait. I hit the throttle and pushed it up to "8 MPH" then "9 MPH" ... ... "10 MPH" ... As I speeded past I think I saw it "go to 11" for just a brief second.

"Well, that wasn't so tough" I sighed. Back in my mind, I guess, I had imagined I'd come up on the radar sooner [literally!] and would have required a longer sustained sprint.

Oh well.

I continued onward to finish my 4-miles in a gentle sprinkle of warmish rain.


Mama Melissa said...

that is hysterical. lol

i run so slow, it wouldn't record!!! ;-)

Rudy Martinez said...

You would have gotten "Buckle Up" at the very least