Saturday, July 24, 2010

Voo Would Go

Our little running community lost a dear friend, one year ago today.

I never met
Voo IRL, but I really enjoyed having him around. He & I trained at just about the same pace [except he ran a LOT further than me] and we had the same running philosophy - or lack thereof.

I run as best as I can every day and try to do better than the day before. If I do - great; if not - no big deal.Is this wrong?

Yes. But it's about the same thing I do.

We always wanted to do a race together ... for ONE reason only ... can you imagine the race pic??? The Caveman and The Surfer!!! Giant, dark, dreadlocked Joe and little, vanilla, rabbit-haired Randy

One day shortly after his passing, I woke up to a nasty, rainy hurricane-ishly downpouring morning. I had 8 miles on my Distance Run training schedule. Normally, I'd just wait until the rain calmed a bit before I went, but I feared a) it wouldn't calm and b) when it did, it would be too late to get D'Girls ready for a cookout we were going to in PA

Three words kept echoing in my head "Voo would go" You see, surfers have an expression "
Eddie would go" that means HTFU and do it.

So I left the house at 6AM in a continuous and torrential downpour; I was soaked at 1/4 mile.

Later that day, D'Wife was talking to one of our church friends, who told her, "I saw Randy running in the rain this morning ... The street was pretty flooded, but he didn't seem to mind. I think he was actually smiling ... He's nuts, you know?"

Voo was with me that morning, and we were having a blast. In fact he's with me ANY TIME things get challenging or dicey.

Voo The Fuck Up

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