Friday, January 07, 2011

Postcards from the Curb

There's always been an ongoing debate as to what is the difference between a runner and a jogger.

Some say it's a paceing thing ["anyone slower than me ... is a jogger"] or there's the argument that "the difference between a runner and a jooger is an entry form" [which bugs those of us who run for fun and don't often race] ... a friend of mine, however found this gem on Slowtwitch:

"Joggers bounce up-and-down and stop lights. Runners just stand there looking pissed!"

I thought 'Oh that's GREAT!!! I gotta put that on my wall at work!!!'

I went into Flickr and poked around until I found an image that fit PERFECTLY, then added the text

I thought, 'Hmmm, that's really quite good. I should do another, maybe for someone just starting out'

I found inspirations in the email signature of another friend; slightly modified

I pulled forward one I had made a while ago and added IT to the collection

I was soon actively SEARCHING for quotes to illustrate. Once I'd compiled a dozen or so, I set them up as an album on my Facebook page, and started "tagging" my friends.

Well, word got out, and I recieved the following message on FB [emphasis mine]:

Hi Randy...I'm Bill of the Pineland Striders. "Medford Jeff" shared some of your postcards today on our Yahoo Posting Board. I've been a runner since 1979. Your photos are the finest I've ever seen in my over 30 yrs of running...seriously. They're magnificent. You should market them as posters. I'd love to know the locations of some of those that possible? One of my favorites are those guys in a bike race (or group ride) riding in a pouring rain.

After checking the viability of such an endeavor with my friend Jill of Lehigh Valley Running Scene, I replied thusly:

Thanks, Bill;

I can’t claim credit for the images, truthfully. I just pull them off Flickr & add the captions [which I find here & there]. The postcard files are not the greatest resolution in the word - only abt 100 pixels/in - so they're not exactly poster material, but PERFECT for printing out at home and putting on the fridge or hanging in the office

MOST of them are under a Creative Commons License, so they're shareable; please, feel free [I haven’t even taken the trouble to “watermark” ‘em or anything]

Thanks again,

Who knew I’d get so much “mileage” out of these silly things???


Anonymous said...

You never know where a crazy idea or passion will lead you. That's the beauty of life. Keep 'em coming, Randy!

Rudy Martinez said...

Thanks, Jill ... maybe these little exercises will fully re-awaken my creative side; who knows what I could be capable after such a long "nap" artistic-output-wise