Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011 Mid-Apocalyptic 4-Horsemen 20K Solo Relay - AWARDS

David Serious-Runner Dye: 1st Place Overall [Total Time - 1:36:38], Fastest Individual Split [Leg Three - 23:15]

Randy Marthins: 2nd Place Overall [1:45:06]

Andrew Murdock: 3rd Place [1:47:40]; "Stop & Smell the Roses" Award for his wonderful Pix

Mike Mcaleese: 4th Place [1:57:00]; "Tick Tock" Award for Most Consistent Splits [30, 30, 27, 30]

Matthew F. Hammond: 5th Place [2:10:06]; "Mr Flexible" Award for for adjusting his schedule to make time for the event

Rebecca Burdin Lasky: Ist Woman [2:12:19]; "Early Bird" Award for starting on Friday

Jarn Leah [aka Jenn]: 2nd Woman [2:13:06]; "Lantern Rouge" REMEMBER: Last one in gets the Coldest Beer!!!

Jennifer Gilmore Fields: "Overachiever" Award for running MORE than 20K and doing them all at once


By Virtue of her TOTALLY kicking ass on her first attempt at Badwater Ultramarathon, Meredith Murphy is hereby awarded Number 65 for this and ALL Screaming Tortise events, in Perpetuum [or whatever endurance sports drink she prefers]

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