Sunday, August 31, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation ...

Runners have a bad reputation ...

Great Moments In Scrabble:
D'Kid: "I have one! A-I-N-E-L
Dad: "Huh?!!!
D'Kid: "What? Mom calls you that all the time.
Dad: "Oh. But that's not how it's spelled. Do you have another 'A'?"

Maybe I'm more surfy than that; more holistic. I get up before the sun, stretch a little, put on my shoes, go outside and just try to make today better than yesterday ... I do my run, post my results to Kick and forget about it.

Until Thursday ...

GatorBob: "the run put me over 100 miles for August. I'm quite happy with that..."

Hmmmm ... I wonder ...

I had to go back and look at my "Run Thread" posts to add mine up [and of course, make up a spreadsheet, calculating miles per week; if I kept time of each run, I'd probably have it calculate avg pace - dork!]. 108 miles for August at that time ... with 3 days left ... how'd I do that? Then I did two 4's and a 6½ ... 122½ miles on 25 days running - 4.9 mi/day average

EEK!!! I liked it better when I had no idea.

Then ... because, now I just HAD to know [and took no records of my own] I prowled through the June and July "Run" threads on KickRunners.

June: 61 miles on 15 days
July: 76½ miles on 16


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