Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Watch The Canopy, Goose!"

Hey Bud,

Sorry for not getting back to you. I've been so busy it is crazy. I'm going to be out of town all week (at the National Sales Meeting in Florida)*. I have to leave tomorrow morning (Sunday) to help set up. I'm still planning on running next week ... but we'll see. I have NO training under my belt. I have a weird feeling that I may hurt myself doing it, but I think I can do it. I'll contact you late in the week when I return.

Call my cell if you need me. I'll have it with me all week.



Yeah, I can already tell; he’s not running. That’s cool. I’ll be flying solo – well as “solo” as a person can be with 16,000 other runners. Plus I’ll more than likely have D’Girls on the sideline; I’ll have some Kick friends on the course and some angels on my shoulders

Looking back at when Doe called me in February and we came up with the plan to run the Half in September as a training run for him, I had no idea what would unfold from there.

I’ve met a dozen or so really great people online [those names to your left]

We ran a wonderfully unique race at Midnight on a Summer evening.

I actually put my mind to a training schedule – well, as much of a schedule as a Zen Catholic surfer can devise [“Hmmm, what distance do I feel like running today, and where should I go?”]

I rediscovered my love for running and built Mileage Monster v2.0 … In a few days we’ll see how he works.

Thanks Doe and friends.

* As it turned out, after convincing himself the he WASN'T running, Doe drank his face off and was all bumped & bruised from jet- & water-skiing by the time he got back to the office Friday

That's my man!!!

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sneakersister said...

You are hilarious! I love your writing. Sorry to hear that your friend flaked out on you (sorry, Doe, if you're reading this comment) but hey, whatever. Glad to see you and D'girls again last weekend. You guys gonna be around in November at all?