Friday, September 12, 2008

Get in the Van

Yet another assault by my Kick friends; this time on the Granite State. An event called "Reach the Beach" - a 200 mile relay from White Mountains [Cannon Mountain] to whitecaps [Hampton Beach State Park (Hey! I have a Phish show from there! "Hampton Comes Alive!")]

Ooops!!! That was Hampton Roads, VA

Anyway ...

It seems like years ago when they all met up in Madison, WI near Memorial Day. I had only just begun to meet them and still hadn't figured out my own identity or place in the tribe.

Since then I've discovered that one aspect of my place is "T-Shirt Guy" after I created the Glo-Pokes shirts. I don't mind. I love to show off, and as much as they insisted on paying me, I really HATE billing my friends.

There are two teams of 10 running this event:

RTB Team Uno r3 y RTB Team Dos r3

[a special prize is available to the person who reveals where I fucked up the artwork]
"Contest is now closed, we have a winner; Thank You - Mgmt"

I was reasonably disconnected to the earlier meet-up [which was much grander and more highly promoted on the forums] but there was an odd feeling I had with this one. I wasn't going, no, yet due to it's proximity [and similiar mileage] to the Distance Run, some of us had trained together viturally for a while.

Just the other night I had an odd dream:
I was in a van [actually, it was an old station wagon] full of people I kinda knew; there was a boardwalk, getting lost and making up rhymes with the Seussifier.

It kinda looked like this ...

Then, I received two emails ...

One, from one friend who is up there as we speak, addressing my notorious lack of bookkeeping as far as mileage, pacing and even what days I take off. My holistic surfy-ness:

"this is the kinda race you should do ... you'd just run whatever they gave you, no questions, so wouldn't even notice ... you'd just run then get in the van, then run again ... and in the end you'd say, wait, how many miles did I run?

I hate you. :P"

And another, from a friend of mine down I-95:
"You're thinking, 'Damn, I should be in that van.'"

Maybe next year a MD/DE/PA/NJ contingent will take on RTB ...

Get in the Van - TRAILER

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Frankie said...

Maybe, just maybe a desert dwelling 30 might have to fly ti Philly and have the van pick me up at the airport next year =)