Friday, November 21, 2008

Vicki = Low Flying Vehicle

"Google says 309 miles = 5 hrs 45 minutes. I think I can do better."

It's amazing that I pay more attention to mileage and "pace" when I drive than when I run.

We left around 9:30AM and, with a 45-minute stop for lunch and gasoline [$20 @ $2.37/gal], we arrived about 3:30PM. Just slightly below a 60 mph average. And yes, while on The Turnpike and The Parkway, bike messenger driving skills were employed; so much so, that while in a jam-up near The Oranges, I actually told D'Wife "Don't look out the window; don't watch me drive right now. Read a magazine or something."

I repeated that when we got close to the farm, off the numbered roads and everything was "twisty-turny, uppy-downy, seriously rollercoastery. Scary swerves and blind curves."

Um, running here, as I mapped it, even on the shoulder, I could be roadkill real easily. The hills would be fun, certainly, but maybe the woods would be better.

The road not taken?


Anonymous said...

Just looking at the map - is that Arlington near where you were, the famous Arlington military cemetery?
I often end up with white knuckles when my hubby drives, LOL.

Rudy Martinez said...

No Aud, that is in Arlington, Virginia; near Washington DC.

This Arlington, in Vermont, is near where Norman Rockwell [American illustrator] lived.