Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vermont Tour - Fall 2008

Highlights were [in no particular and non-chronological order]:

The Moose Chili at the Tinmouth Community Game Supper

Robert Frost's house in Bennington

Getting lost on an unmarked mountain road in a snow squall [13°]

Serious snacking at The Vermont Country Store

Grandma Moses's paintings

Having a whole ice rink to ourselves

Frog City cheese, up the street from Calvin Coolidge's home [closed for the season]

A Grouper Reuben at Carmody's Irish Pub in Bennington [imagine a
seriously kicked up Tuna Melt!!!]

The Vermont Marble Museum [closed for the season] in the town of Proctor; where even the
firehouse is marble

However, I'm afraid I let you all down. Not only did I not participate in the Kickrunners' Philly hijnx [much congratulations and great pride to all my friends], I did not run in VT at ALL!!!

1) The woods near my aunt's house were crawling with hunters, and I had no orange gear to keep from getting shot at

2) Saturday, Sunday and Monday started early and ended late.

3) Tuesday, the ONE day I could have gotten a run in by driving to town and running along the river, before we packed up to come home, was 36° and raining compared to the 20° and sunny it had been the other days.

We are definitely planning to return next summer; there will be running, horseback riding and skateboarding, I promise.

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