Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'm Getting Close

Some people count 9 of something as "a collection," some say 10.

With the arrival of these lovely items

[Independent Trucks 30th Anniversary + Krooked Skateboards "El Pirata"]:

I am very close to a collection of beer glasses ...

Dirt Rag Magazine "20th Anniversary", Dirt Rag "Voodoo"
Beauty Shot Shark Necklace - After

"Taste Victory" pint + the "No-Tip Converse Koozie"
No-Tip Converse Koozie

"Big Sexxy" - a classy 20 oz'er
Beauty Shot

"The Kenzinger Cup" [front & back]
Beauty Shot Beauty Shot

... 3 of these from Flying Fish [Cherry Hill, NJ] ...
Beauty Shot

... and 2 of these [front & back]
Black & Tan - FAIL! Black & Tan - FAIL!

[NOTE: Failed attempt at a DFH :60 + Stone Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout > Black & Tan ... I couldn't make the "waterline" WHA!!!]

Notice ... Nothing from DFH, Flying Dog, Brooklyn or Stone ... Clearly more shopping/teasing to be done


Anonymous said...

Nice collection!! Wonder how I could get a glass safely shipped over your way from Aus, without it arriving in a gazillion pieces. Would love to add to the display.

Rudy Martinez said...

Bubble wrap, Aud ... lots and lots of bubble wrap. LOL

Or, you could always hand-deliver something, next time you're in the neighborhood