Thursday, November 19, 2009

That Hat!!!

In February, 1999, D'Wife and I travelled to St. Thomas, USVI, with singularity of purpose: to have a great Caribbean vacation and - God willing - to come back with an extra special souvenir.

Aside from packing the charts, vitamins, herbals and thermometers, I packed something very special.

'If this expedition works,' I said to myself, 'Whatever I bring will be my talisman in the Delivery Room.'

You know how superstitious I am; it had to be just right. It had to be something I could keep by me or on me at almost all times ["one never knows the hour" so to speak]

I was in the habit of wearing a baseball cap in my off hours; that would work - being a fair-skinned individual as it is, I'd need one anyway.

Many options were weighted , but I/we settled on this one:


Well designed, Buffett-ish in the seaplane look, plus local to Jersey.

So ... Who wears it better?

st thomas 1999

Happy 10th Birthday, our little souvenir.

- yeah, same shirt, too!!!

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sneakersister said...

Ahhhh, finally 10! Happy Birthday to your baby from me and my girls!