Saturday, November 06, 2010

Vaguely Accurate

Anyone looking at my RunningAhead Training Log would probably say, “Wow, he’s scary consistent” seeing that I almost always run at a 9-minute per mile pace. I’m in “maintenance mode” for the time being, just running for fun – and mental health - while not training for any particular race or time, I’m fairly relaxed with all the time-keeping and subsequent data analysis that some of my friends thrive on.

The truth is … I don't actually use the "Start/Stop" function on my watch these days. I know I should, but lately I’m content to use it to guesstimate how many miles I can get in. I allocate 10 minutes for each mile, running at 8½ to 9 minutes per PLUS another couple for cool-down.

For example, if I have about half an hour between tasks [like waiting for my clothes to go through the washer at the Laundromat, when ours was broken] I’ll say “That’s just enough time for 3 miles”

[I never DID do a run down there, as much fun as that would have been. That part of the Township happens to be sort of sketchy; not dangerous in any way, but I don’t know just how a little runner might have been regarded. I had a bit of an incident once while riding down there; it turns out that no matter how photogenic you think that a junkyard might be, some folks really don’t want you taking pictures of their rusting artifacts, regardless of HOW delightfully whimsical you found that old school bus to be]

Therefore, my “event duration” stats are accurate to … the nearest minute or so, maybe??? Some days I do get lucky and - in a fleeting moment of profound awareness - notice that “I finished my 5 miles in LESS than 45 minutes” How much less??? That can be tricky to define with any certainty.

Left Brain: I think we broke 9 minutes!!! When did we leave?
Right Brain: After we did that toe-touchy thing
L: When was that???
R: After that ankle-grabby thing
L: NO!!! I mean what time???!!!
R: It was the 3rd Quarter; Michigan and Illinois were tied at 38
L: OF DAY!!!
R: Can't help ya
L: I. Hate. You

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