Friday, April 29, 2011

A Pebble Into the Pond - Follow-Up

Not exactly a "Follow-Up" ... Since "Follow-ing Up" is something I TOTALLY forgot to do.

Backstory: I was trying to get a friend of mine a certain number for his HM this weekend.



I don’t assign numbers until a couple of days before the race, usually alphabetically, but I can certainly force my system to do something else.

Could you kindly send me a reminder early the week of 4/27? I’ll file your email and will make every effort to remember this, but a nudge would certainly be helpful.


I [almost] totally forgot about this, until I happend to use the phrase "pebble in the pond" in a conversation with D'Wife. A lightbulb went off and [at first thinking the race was at THE END of May] I emailed Sue as soon I got a chance. Unfortunately ...

Oh, crap, I see your email said “Early” this week
If I blew, it I apologize


Hi Randy,

I assigned the numbers and gave the database to the timer last night at 5 pm. I could make Kevin #643, but it would be completely obvious as there’s a gap between 603 and 643.

Right now Kevin’s registered as #11. Let me know what you’d like to do.


I couldn't see the Karmic value in making her jump through hoops for a silly thing like this, so I let it go.


11 Kevin Yetman 41 189/201 M 37/41 M4049 WILMINGTON MA 2:27:29 11:16

Turns out EQ had been training with some ankle difficulties.

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