Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 Bike MS City to Shore

We left Hammonton at 10:15 with a goal time to arrive in Ocean City by 3:30 and total cycling time [discounting rest-stop time] of 4 hours. We crossed the second bridge at 3:24PM and stopped the clock at 3:58 of pedaling

Through no fault of anyone’s, just total busy-ness and odd schedules, we didn’t get out Team Evesham jerseys in time for the ride. D’Wife didn’t want to wear her Lockheed one, but felt kind of funny wearing a Team Tania one, since that team is no more. I was OK with my Dogfish one, but it was decided we’d honor the Red & Black together.

The highlight of the day came as we were pedaling down Leipzig Ave in Egg Harbor towards the AC Expressway Bridge. We’d been trading places back & forth with an older dude from Stacey’s new team, Team Force Majeure. While we were chatting about Team Tania and not paying too much attention, I suddenly realized that D’Wife had a 50-75 yard gap on me. The dude tapped my shoulder and said: “Every now and then, she just lights it up, doesn’t she?”

Yes. Yes, she does.

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