Thursday, September 01, 2005

I still got it ... it's just a matter of gettin' to it

From ... the "Extra Curricular" forum:

Need Tattoo Design
Not having a lot of luck getting my idea across to the artists here in Chattanooga. My own sketch looked alot like my 4 year old did it. Very specific picture in my mind. I just don't have any artistic talent.Looking for a spooky scene with a someone riding a bike through a graveyard with a Jack-O-Lantern for a head . Kind of Nightmare Before Christmas looking with lotsa Halloween icons. Ghosts,Pumpkins and Bats etc....Three to five inches tall for a left arm band....Promise proper credit would be given in the form of initials on my body for the rest of my days....Thanks

It was a call to action ...

I remembered seeing a typeface of "Nightmare berfore Christmas" dingbats (FREE!!!) 'cuz I knew I couldn't fake the head. Did a Google search for any other elements I might need.

I came up with this ....

The response (from another DirtRag poster)

Randy- As a guy who rides a black penny farthing with an "Evil" sticker and an upside down cross above the rear wheel, I think that is one of the coolest illustrations I've ever seen

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