Sunday, September 18, 2005

Today would have been the day ...

... But it's not. It's a beautiful day, too. 70° slight breeze, no clouds.

I'll be having Stella Artrois at 3:00, as I would have. It's still just a bit too warm and Summery to get into Oktoberfests yet. They are on display en force: Paulaner, Hacker-Pshorr, Spaten, SA, Stoudts, Victory FestBier, Flying Fish OktoberFish.

John the ParrotHead will be coming over, but last night I just had to get something to say "Summer and your troubles, be gone from this house." I didn't feel like diving into a whole six pack, when I spotted a 22 oz. with a maniacal pumpkin on it.

"This will do nicely."

It poured nicely into the glass with a beautiful pastry colored head. It wasn't as over the top spicy as Post Road or Buffalo Bills are, just slightly suggestive of a fresh baked treat. If you apply yourself, you can taste the cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. I couldn't pick out the cardamom, only because I don't know what it tastes like and unlike Woody Boyd, I'm not allergic to cardamom.

At 8% ABV, it carried quite a kick, and knocked me out of my knickerbockers, right into Sleepy Hollow.

From the website:
Brewed with Pumpkin and Spices(Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cloves). This 8.0% ABV pumpkin ale is heartier, spicier, and more caramelly and pumpkiny than its faint brethren! Perfect finisher on a cool autumn night, or match it up with a slice of pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream. If you don't agree this is the mother of all pumpkin ales, then you just don't like mothers!

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