Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday

D'Wife asked me on Monday if I might give up beer for Lent.

"Ummm, honey, how long have you known me???"
"Too long."
"Agreed. How many times have you know me to give up beer for Lent???"
"Um, never."
"Correcto. What makes you think that this year I might???"
"I dunno. We could save ..."
"Stop. That's an economic argument. It has nothing to do with sinning, lack of sinning or me being a better person. In fact, I feel I am a much better person, much happier and nicer to be around when I have a pint of Dogfish Head waiting for me at the end of the day."

Here are my Lenten absentences from the past few years

2005: Cheese
2004: French Fries
2003: Bootlegging MP3's
2002: Unemployment (I started working at Lockheed just before Lent)
2001: Taco Bell
2000: Strip clubs (Mariel was just a baby, and I couldn't bear it - pun, fully intended)

This year I'm giving up pizza at lunch. Why is that a big deal??? Every day I bring PB&J, yogurt, fruit of some sort, ginger ale or water, for lunch, usually in a Home Depot bag. I supplement this with a slice of pizza from the cafeteria, which as far as food service goes, is not bad. I usually get a pepperoni or sausage, then "hot rod" it up with onions, peppers and black olives from the salad bar.

But it's a good candidate for abstinence, and the one I will go with. Other finalists included: television, cursing, and flirting with Mom's at church functions. They all had too many drawbacks.

I also do something during Lent other Catholics might not: Not only do I take something away - I also add. I add saying the Rosary at least once a week. I add at least one trip to Confession during the six weeks - not like I'm short on material.

Wish me luck.

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