Monday, March 13, 2006

Rites of Spring

The temp was up near 70° on Saturday. We encountered many tell-tale signs that Spring is indeed just around the corner.

1) Spring Peepers - These little frogs emerge from the pond behind my house when the evening temperature is above 45°

2) Daffodils and Crocus - The daffodils are 4-6" tall and about ready to burst. The yellow crocus under my maple tree have already started to bloom.

3) The Alto sax - The Korean man who owns the Atco Cleaners plays his saxophone in the doorway when the daytime temperature is approaches 65°

4) Atco Raceway - They were racing Saturday night. When the breeze is just right, they sound like they're at the end of my block. No jet cars / trucks yet, though.

5) Hogs are running - About 100 Harleys, V-Twins and choppers cruised up & down the White Horse Pike Saturday afternoon.

6) "Unfortunate Choice of Tube Top While Waiting for the AC Bus" - Sadly, that kind of explains itself.

Things we're looking forward to:
a) First Morning Run WITHOUT Sweatpants

b) First Bat Sighting

c) First Evening Cigar on the Porch

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