Monday, March 20, 2006

Mendocino Red Tail Ale

As I crossed the knee-deep meadow, grasshoppers leapt ahead of me like porpoises playing off the bow. Butterflies did their best impressions of seagulls in the surreally cerulean sky. A thin gravel ribbon lay below the tall grass, tying together two clouds of pine forest six hundred yards apart. A massive island of granite sat amid the pasture, calling me to rest. I was thirsty; I obeyed. I propped my creaky conveyance, climbed the miniature mountain, and took a well earned five. Above me circled a majestic Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) I saw him, he saw me. Our eyes met. His brow knitted with a look that said, “This is going to be good!!!”

I’m not wearing that bunny jersey ever again.


Mendocino Red Tail Ale
A lot like Sam Adams, trading Sam's full creamy head for a bit more caramel flavor. Despite the thin foam, nicely aromatic. A little watery, but still enjoyable. This would be a nice post-ride/run beer.

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