Monday, May 08, 2006

Broad Street Run 2006 - Part Two

May 6 - National Homebrew Day: A Tale of Two Pints

I met Annabelle at the airport. I mean "met" literally. Although we had shared writing / editing duties on the BEER bulletin board, communicated by e-mail and sent photos back and forth, we had never had any physical contact. So it goes, over the internet. In fact, since the photos we shared were taken over a course of many years, and many identities, neither of us was sure exactly what the other looked like.

When the petite backpacking cyclist coach met her medium-sized retired surfer charge, we were both pleasantly surprised; and also, not so much.

We then travelled a short distance up I-95 to the Linc for the Expo. We collected our numbers, scooped up whatever freebies and cheapies we could get, and I took her up to her hotel near Penn. I had planned to stop at Doobies or Dirty Franks but the time was getting short.

She made the call: White Dog Cafe, Penn Campus.

The day's choices (all on tap) included FF HopFish, FF Farmhouse Summer Ale, Victory HopDevil, Yards Philly Ale, Stoudt's Scarlet Lady, and Legacy Midnight Wit.

Now, granted they weren't "homebrewed" - on premises - but they were once by someone. I say we were covered.

Althought she hadn't had either Flying Fish yet, Annie chose the "safe" HopDevil. I countered by taking the Farmhouse. The strawberry blonde beertenderness mixed them up, however. I don't know how. We were two of only five people at the bar. No matter. I offered LT a sip of the Farmhouse and the right of first refusal. She preferred the HopDevil. As you wish.

For the second round we both took the Legacy Midnight Wit.

Legacy Midnight Wit

Brewed in the true Belgian-style, the Midnight Wit is a silky smooth,
full bodied witbier with a spice aroma from the coriander (and other spices we
keep secret!) and a citric zest from the addition of Curacao orange peel. The
smooth taste and mouth feel comes from using 60% wheat malt in the brewing
process. Very little hop bitterness as is typical of the style. The Midnight Wit
is fermented using the same yeast strain as Hoegaarden. We leave the beer
unfiltered to retain all the flavors.
Style: Belgian Witbier

Alcohol: 4.90% ABV
IBU: 17
Hops: German, Czech
Malts: Belgian
Availability: Year round

I thought it was quite tasty, very Hoegaardenish, and that's a good thing. LT couldn't find the coriander, but it was nicely tangerine-y. As yeasty as it appeared, none could be found at the bottom of the glass. It's a good beer to have in late afternoon with someone special on a very summery spring day.

Even if you ARE running ten miles early the next morning!!!

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