Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Okay, Let's Try This Again

As cloudy and wet as it's been in Boston, I wanted to send La Tortuga a bit of sunshine. I'm sure she's not running or riding much, so I would do it for her.

The Philadelphia Distance Run is September 17 - four months from today. With the restored confidence she has given me from our Broad Street performance, I am up to the task.

I woke up this morning to a clear, cool and slightly windy day.

'Enough rest, time to train,' I thought to myself. I had done a couple of three milers last week, just to see if I could; but mostly because, even after running the 10 miles on a bare minimum of training, I didn't hurt that much afterwards.

I gathered my gear and headed out. Out and back around the cemetery. Nothing new, no challenges, no changes. Just a nice easy three at 8:00 pace. Somehow, as I rounded the uphill turn into the development, I found ... what's that??? A kick???

I think that tomorrow may need to be 4 miles.

Oh, yeah, I might start counting beers again, too.

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