Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day!!!

6:05 AM - I heard the voice-mail machine go off ...

"School is cancelled for today"

What? Snow?? There's snow???

I peeked out of the window to see two fresh inches. I jumped up, grabbed some tights and made made my way downstairs.

"Whatsa rush? No school." asked D'Wife. "Snow day. D'Kid can sleep in."

"Fresh powder," I replied, as the surf bum's second cousin, the ski bum.

I got dressed for my usual Pre-Dawn Patrol run, but with an extra hydro-phobic layer between my socks and shoes ... plastic shopping bags [ShopRite, to be specific].

"Dry Feet are Warm Feet"

My only question was to run or ride? Deciding that a 1/2-hour run would do me better than an 1/2-hour ride, I chose to jog it out ... plus running in show is less confrontational than riding. And, I didn't want to wake anyone by opening the garage door.

I went out and got my 3 miles done - not bad for an "off" day, since I don't usually run on Fridays. But when you get a chance to do something - that because of climate change - may become extraordinanary, you HAVE TO go for it!!!

Snow Day - Feb 22

But, ya know, going for a little jog in the snow isn't hardcore .... THIS is hardcore

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Anonymous said...

That looks so beautiful!! We have nothing like that here in Brisbane, I'd love to run in that!