Saturday, May 24, 2008

Inadvertent EMpathy

A bunch of my new friends have gathered in the great cheese-and-beer town of Madison, Wisconsin, for a Marathon, a 1/2 Marathon, and a Marathon relay. I just met these folks and let me tell you, they are awesome, one and all. Very welcoming and accepting of a quirky little ex-surfer, with a somewhat sordid [but highly entertaining] past. There is a beer smuggler or two or three among them, which is nice, for this reincarnated pirate.

I already feel a bond with them in that, although I'm many, many miles distant, and have no chance of attempting the distances that they're tackling tomorrow, my day has gone very "traditionally pre-race": I went to 4:30 Mass, I'm making a good dinner for myself [D'Wife and D'Kid are away overnight - I got grilled chicken, grilled shrimp and roasted peppers on top of linguine with a white wine sauce, plus spinach salad with green olives and raw mushrooms (no red onions, tonight)], limiting my beerageness, and will probably retire early.

I wonder if there's a 10K I can drop in on tomorrow?

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