Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yard Sale

It’s Yard Sale season again!!!

For some reason, May weekends are announced by signs proclaiming “Yard Sale => 8-4” in either Neon Green or Hunter Orange, with Sharpie lettering of various degrees of legibility, usually appearing magically overnight on Thursday.

I love yard sales [also known as “tag sales”, “garage sales”, or “house sales” depending on your regionality; just like hoagies, subs and heroes] not for the content, not for the shopping, but for the non-sold stuff that ends up on the curb the trash day following … especially bikes!!!

“Yeah, I won’t pay $5 for it at 3:30 on Saturday, if I can get it for nothing on Tuesday”

I just have to get there before the JYD with pickup; which is why I have a ViceGrip and a rubber mallet in Vicki – gotta get those handlebars to behave!

Stuff finds its way to the driveway / sidewalk for many reasons … but some things are requisite:

1) It’s useless
2) It takes up space
3) You’re better off without it
4) You won’t notice that it’s gone

Soemone enlightened me on a certain point. In her own way, she said, “Dude, your soul is a scary attic, or maybe a spooky basement. There’s a lot of clutter in there; cobwebs and strange; things you’re hanging onto for God knows what reason? That stuff is old, you’re not the same person now as you were when you picked it up. Souvenirs are nice, when they make you smile; but why hold onto the Playbill from a girlfriend who broke you heart?”

I took some time to pray on this and realized she was 1043% percent right. Within a week, I took out the trash in my life, cleared out the shelves, and sorted the knick-knacks. There’s a lot more room to move in there. It’s less dusty and brighter, now

I like it much better this way..

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice job connecting yard sale junk to your life's baggage.

I may need a cleaning house day, too.