Sunday, July 20, 2008

Midnight Madness - Epilogue

Eight and a half miles in the dark,
Ooky spooky Fairmount Park.
Who are these people? What have I done?
I sure hope this is gonna be fun.
Bright blue eyes and happy smile
Greeted me by the T-shirt pile.
The others were there, and all said "Hello.
Um, but where is your buddy Doe?"
We started off at the stroke of Midnight.
"We gonna run some and walk too, right?"
Two hours or so and then we were done.
I can't wait till to do another one.
Meeting again in the sun by the pool,
Made me feel special, welcomed, and cool.
D'Wife and D'Kid both had a good time.
That was a great weekend, and the end of my rhyme.

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Anonymous said...

Since the poem is my favorite part, I will comment here...that has to be one of the best RR ever! It was an honor to be part of Team Los Glo-pokes and I certainly look forward to more races in the future...when I am better trained and a bit faster! Thanks again for sticking with us and making the night one to remember!