Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't Quote Me On This

I realized this morning what I've set myself up for next Fall:

Philadelphia Distance Run [Half Marathon - 13.1 miles] – September 20
MS150 City to Shore [75 miles bike] – October 3
Hartford Half Marathon – October 10

It would be gutsy to try it, wouldn’t it?!!! What an adventure!!! If I could find/do a long swim [1¼ mile or so?], the last weekend of September, I’d be doing a Half-Ironman over the course of two weeks!!!

Fun, fun, fun!!!

Sadly, Reach the Beach Relay 2009 is set for the same weekend as The Distance Run, so many of my friends will have to choose, between the two [I promise that my feelings won't be hurt (much) by those who'd rather be in New Hampshire than Philly]

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