Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Minor Modification

I was never comfortable with this set-up, the way Merle was when I bought it at the flea market + the brakes & clip-on aero bars from my old tri-bike.



So ... with some creative eBaying and about an hour of time.



Much better. Stylish, functional and most importantly, CHEAP!!!

Now this doesn't necessarily mean that I'm returning to triathlon anytime soon; no, no, no!

It just means that I have another, non-emabrassing ride option to take around D'Neighborhood with D'Girls. If, somehow, I decide to take a longer cruise by myself, and my elbows happen to find their way into a slightly more "aerodynamic" position, then that's just a coincidence, then, innit?

Yes, those ARE Victory Golden Monkey bottle caps/cages on the bar ends

Riding with the Monkey

They are very likely to be illegal.


Stephen said...

Nice, but why try to not embarrass the kids? I thought that is why we had kids to begin with [grin]

Anonymous said...

Did you do triathlons??? How cool.. I've just this weekend had the thought it might be fun to try one, if I can get my swimming sorted.