Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Never Say “Never Again”

“Next time you visit your father, be sure to let me know you’re in town. It would be great to have a beer with my new cousin!”

My first thought was ‘Yeah, don’t hold your breath!’

More conversation followed, and I got to know more about a whole side of the family that I barely knew existed!

“I’m the baby of seven; I have nine nieces, one nephew and eleven great nieces and nephews.”

Adding D’Kid and her 15 cousins, that’s a pretty big clan*.

After reading over the results and reports from many Kicksters who were running the Hartford Marathon and Half-Marathon, my initial reaction mellowed. I had thought, many years ago, that would be a nice place to run my first marathon, for my Grandpop and D’Girls to see me finish.

The finisher’s medal is pretty sweet:

Plus, as I said, I have online friends up there; and now, more family than ever.

I think I will be going back to Connecticut after all.

* She's my second cousin, actually, since her dad was Grandpop's brother. And there's more! A lot more!


Anonymous said...

I thought I'd stop by your blog! It's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is fantastic!

sauconRunner said...

That is a sweet medal. Maybe I'll keep that on the radar.