Friday, December 12, 2008

Breaking the Holiday Blues

I hadn't planned on running this morning. On my way home from work, after picking Mariel up from school, I noticed that 3 critical intersections on my running route[s] were beyond flooded.

I had only run three days in the past week, and I'm not in a "training cycle" anyway, so taking another day off wouldn't kill me.

As I said a couple of days ago, I am really in the Christmas Spirit early this year. I got the tree up and lit already and the outside decorations are coming together. But, with the gloomy weather lingering around, I could feel Depression start to wrap her cold grey arms around my shoulders. She leaned in and began with her lies, in icy whispers.

"This is so unlike you, Rand. You know it's just a waste of time. In a month all your good deeds will be forgotten. Just give up now. Save yourself the trouble."

I had to shake her off.

So what if the usual roads were wet ... there's nothing in the rules that says I couldn't just find some high ground and run there for a while right?

I ran up the mile long hill to the high school. Mindlessly and playfully, I just ran around the parking area for 20 minutes, wandering and meandering from lot to lot [I even did some sprints, trying to hit the parking stripes on my strides]. I was not quite soaked through when I descended the hill and headed home.

As I heated my soup for breakfast, a Guns n Roses tune came into my head, clearly dedicated to that dark spirit
from whose grasp I had slipped away in the drizzle.

"Back Off Bitch"

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Anonymous said...

Hey Randy, thanks for the lovely card! Hope you're feeling better now - even though I don't feel like going out for a run, I always feel my mood lift afterwards. Hugs, Aud