Friday, December 19, 2008

Lucky Streak

I haven’t posted anything about beer lately; mostly because I haven’t been drinking much, and what I have hasn’t been anything special … Well, there was that one bottle of Oaked Arrogant Bastard … Anyway …

Aside from baseball pitchers and hockey goalies, runners are some of the most superstitious athletes going. Have a good race, or even a good weekday run, and every item worn and every procedure followed becomes ritual – until the time it goes wrong, then, never again!

I’m guilty of this, I know. I have my little seashell that accompanies me every mile. I have my sharky sox for special events. I always go to 4:30 Mass on race night. I have the same pre-race dinner [“Chicken What-the-Hell” a breadless chicken parm] I have my apple, banana and Wawa coffee.

If something works we go with it until it doesn’t work anymore.

Dan the Man was invited to an open house at the new
Philadelphia Brewing Company, in September. Among the swag he brought home was a pint glass with a Kenzinger logo on it. Actually, he got two. I found the extra one on my desk the next day, along with a Philadelphia Brewing Co. sticker [for my skateboard, no doubt] and a matchbook [no idea, on that one … I don’t smoke cigars anymore].

A couple days later, I christened it [with Victory HopDevil] while watching the first game of the World Series. I figured the Philadelphia + Victory tag team would help to break the Philly title jinx, or at least put a hurt on it.

Phillies 4, Rays 3

Game Two. Regular Flying Fish pint glass + Hop Devil

Rays 4, Phillies 2

Games 3, 4 and 5?

Kenzinger pint + Victory.

What did Chase Utley say? “World Fucking Champions!!!”

The Kenzinger pint was undefeated. Four-and-Oh. Would its power continue beyond baseball?

Election night: Kenzinger + DFH = President Elect Barak Obama. [5-0, although that one was a slam dunk, I’m sure]

A key test came up that Sunday night: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Football Giants. This would be tough. The Giants were Super Bowl Champions; the Eagles were awful. They almost won, but even the Kenzinger juju couldn’t save them.


Since then, “The Cup” has pulled Andy Reid’s head out his ass and propelled the Eagles to a Thanksgiving Day victory over the Cardinals, a grudge-match smackdown of the Giants, and a shellacking or the Browns to post and 8-1 record.

How long will the magic last? Well, there are only two more weeks left in football season. If the Eagles and “The Cup” win out, that puts them in the playoffs.

We’ll see. You can go to the well once too often and the cup doesn’t always run over.

Beauty Shot Beauty Shot

From the website:

This is a real drinkin' beer! - a golden session ale that boasts both a European birthright and a thirst-quenching Philadelphia sensibility. Kenzinger is refreshingly crisp and smooth, with a spirited flavor that grabs the attention of taste buds everywhere. Get some!

Available today - bottle and draught ~4.5% abv

It’s light, in color and strength. Almost summery. In fact it would make an excellent Lawnmower beer with its touch of cloudiness and little yeasty bits floating around the bottom. It has a slight sour apple favor to it, with a touch of honey.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, it's cruel to post a picture of a cold crisp beer, we're sitting here in nearly 104 degrees, and I could really enjoy one of them!!