Saturday, December 27, 2008


“You are hardcore and do not even realize yet. Running in thunderstorms and icy rain = hardcore. I guess to me it describes when someone pushes themselves or challenges themselves. It is a quality that I admire in people … a lot.”

I'm not hardcore about anything, to my knowledge. I’m not that driven; not that passionate about anything [except my family, of course] ... But that's not really something you see in yourself, is it? I mean, some may see my running routine as "hardcore" but to me, it's just what I do.

Some may see the 7 bikes in my garage or find me out riding the woods at night as "hardcore," but again ...

I don’t look at the bad weather that I train in as a challenge. It’s nature. It’s always going to be there. Sometimes it’s an inconvenience; it happens – this is South Jersey.

I've said it before; I'll say it again. "When acid rain freezes, you get acid snow"

Or, in SJ, you get acid slush with rocks and sand and gravel and shoes and needles and underwear and all sorts of other shit in it. When it dries out, the slush is gone, but all that other crap is still out there, usually migrating onto the part of the road I'm using.

I've surfed in hurricanes, ridden horses in canyons during hailstorms ... precipitation? It's just water.

I don’t see at it as a challenge or something I need to push myself through. If I had cancer or MS or diabetes or addiction … That is a real a challenge! The people I know who work and train through those diseases are truly hardcore; because failure, at that level, can be devastating; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I think I'm "mildcore" ... I run and ride and skate to maintain balance and a nice even keel.

I come from a surfing background, so I have a little different perspective.

You can't always count on the waves being there when you want them to be. You can't plan to catch 5 good ones and 3 bad ones in any set time. You can't trust the weather at all!!!

But you can plan to be on the beach at 5AM, watch the sunrise over the ocean and make the best of it. Or, you can jog down the street with no one nearby except the contractors going to the work-site; meeting other strangers like you along the way.

When your day begins like that, what can go wrong?

Dishwasher goes out? Car needs brakes? Kid gets lunch detention for throwing a pencil?

Deal with it as you must ... but remember your morning. It can even you out; help maintain your balance.

Maybe "Zen-Core" would be a better word?

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