Sunday, January 11, 2009

Could The Cup Be Unstoppable?

My Sunday afternoon ... I couldn't watch the game, but listened to Merrill & Mike instead.

Mariel laid out the design of the display. She did the coloring, measuring, taping and "non-hot" gluing. We took a walk in the woods together to find the trees, sticks and pebbles.

In other words: Daddy didn't make this for her, entirely

Shawnee Home Shawnee Home

So ...

I didn't open my 1st beer until about 3:30 ... just before the Birds stopped the 4th and 2

The Cup wins again!!!!

Now ... I'm getting scared.


Anonymous said...

That is one neat diorama. Well done, Mariel!!

You've got a gorgeous daughter, Randy :-)

Rudy Martinez said...

Thanks, Aud! She gets her smarts from her mom, her personality from me and her good looks from both of us.

I'm screwed