Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lucky Streak - Update

"How long will the magic last? Well, there are only two more weeks left in football season. If the Eagles and “The Cup” win out, that puts them in the playoffs. We’ll see. You can go to the well once too often and the cup doesn’t always run over. "

They split the final two games and by some miracle[s] - the God-awful Raiders defeating Tampa Bay being one, and Philly's devastating victory over the CowGirls being another - the Eagles and The Cup moved on.

This afternoon, the Dynamic Duo took out the Vikings in spendid and enjoyable fashion - Chris Clemons's body slam of Tarvaris Jackson in the end-zone as Asante Samuel cruised in, was a wonder to behold.

The Road Goes on Forver, and the Party Never Ends


Theia said...

What was Jackson thinking, trying to make a tackle on Samuel? I'm surprised he wasn't hurt on that play.


Anonymous said...

Must admit, I can't get into American football, but then I don't really follow the Aussie game either.

I do like your taste in music, Randy.

Rudy Martinez said...

I used to LOVE Aussie football, when it was on in the early days of ESPN ... those f*ckers are NUTS!!! Does that game have any rules at all???

Thanks, Audrey; you know I'll listen to pretty much anything except Polka or Yanni


I even found a Japanese JamBand called "SardineHead" that are pretty cool - in a Japanese JamBand kinda way.