Thursday, March 05, 2009

Internal Chatter

Interesting conversation this morning …

Right Side of My Brain: Get up dude, time to run!

Left Side of My Brain: It’s 5:20AM

RS: I know, let’s go

LS: We were up late, go back to bed

RS: Can’t. We haven’t run all week. Let’s go

LS: Right, we haven’t. Why start now? The week is shot. Roll over.

RS: No, we’re just starting late. Let’s go.

LS: Dude, it’s probably still cold. Go back to bed.

RS: I put our tights by the heater vent, before we went to bed; they’ll be toasty-oasty

[after checking the temp]

LS: It’s ten degrees. Ten!!! … that’s like ten BELOW zero Celsius!!!

RS: Okay, so we don’t have time to run the same miles as degrees … But we can do HALF!!!

LS: It’s still going to be icy out there

RS: A little, but I checked the streets yesterday. If we stay on the left hand side, it’s pretty clear.

LS: When did you do that?

RS: While you were driving home. You really need to look around more

LS: Oh, man!!! It’s still dark!!!

RS: There’s a little bit of dark blue in the East, if you really look for it. It will be much lighter when we’re done. Plus, next week, Daylight Savings starts and it will be really dark again. C’mon, let’s go … Time’s a-wastin’!!!

LS: You’re not taking us back to bed, are you?

RS: Nope!!! It's a great day

LS: *sigh* Okay, start the watch ... I'll do the math. You have fun, enjoy the sights and sounds

RS: I always do!!!

5 miles - 43 minutes; a little bit of ice-cream headache.

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Beth said...

Heh. That sounds like me every morning whether I'm running or not. lol