Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Old Dog ... Something About Tricks

Is this normal? I'm new to this coaching thing.


Rand: I ran 7 miles, when I was supposed to take the day off
Coach: What'dya do that for?
R: It was nice out
C: Oh, okay. Take tommorrow off then
R: I'll try


R: I ran 8 instead of 6
C: You ran 7 yesterday, no?
R: Yep
C: Are you trying to hurt yourself? LOL
R: No, I don't think so
C: How do you feel?
R: Pretty good
C: How's the hamstring?
R: Yeah, I think I figured that out! It's from the way I was stretching while hanging laundry on the line. I made some adjustments, and it's fine.
C: You got a step-ladder? LOL You going to take tomorrow off?
R: I'll try
C: ~sigh~


Audrey said...

Can I have some of your running mojo? The only time I had coaching, I was trying to justify why I had to do less than prescribed, rather than trying to make excuses for doing more!!

Rudy Martinez said...

Get healthy, get the aches & pains straightened out and then we can work with the 15 hour time differential.

I'd love to share a few miles of synchronocity, sometime.