Saturday, February 20, 2010

Know Your Rights

"You have the right to Free Speech ... As long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it"

You are all on notice - one more issue with any of you and your ability to post in the PRT [Post Race Tent forum on] will be removed. Further issues, and your accounts will be closed completely.

I no longer care who started it; which side you're on; whether you feel justified in your disdain for each other or not - I simply am tired of it. Period.

Your subscription service doesn't give you the right to abuse this site or slice hairs to cause shit - period. If you don't like that - you can demonstrate your dissatisfaction with my decision by leaving the site.

I've informed Grizzly and Sierra of the steps required to remove your permissions from the PRT - and they both have the ability to place your accounts in moderation.

If you would like a refund on the balance of your subscriptions, then simply email me your PayPal account information and I will be happy to refund you that balance.

If any post; veiled or not - comes across the wrong way to any moderator whatsoever, your access to the PRT will be closed immediately. If you then violate any other rule - based on the moderators opinion in any other forum, your accounts will be closed.


Lock me out of PRT Rich, see if I care ... as long as I can VRAA.

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