Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Someone's Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Day 3 of Broad Street training and I'm still on Plan [meaning, I haven't over-run my Program ... yet ] Two days in a row*??? How long has it been since I've done that??? This is from the guy who was once asked by Coach Xena: "How long has it been since you took a day off?" ... And I couldn't remember

Not that my Mojo has left, as some of my friends have been struggling with, it’s just been the way things have been going lately, from a scheduling or meteorological standpoint. [Bad timing or bad weather]

As I was cruising around, my thoughts turned to my cousin, who took Silver in her Age Group at the University City 5K. She has no plans to defend her title in Philly, but I happened to wonder where her result there would put her in her NEXT race, judging by last year’s results at her racing debut in Hartford.

Subject: No medal in 2010 I'm afraid

5th O'Hartford 5K
Hartford, CT, March 15, 2009

1st Place - WEST HARTFORD, CT 23:03
2nd Place - COLCHESTER, CT 23:12
3rd Place - WEST HARTFORD, CT 23:13

Although a 28:00 could bring you in around the Top 20 for your Age Group … That’s pretty sweet – and doable, if you haven’t lost too much fitness over the Winter. Sub-25:00 gets you near the Top 10

Coach R

After I checked her time from last year, curiosity got the better of me. Doe has no plans for running Broad Street this year [or anything else it seems, which makes me sad], so it fell to my nearest male competitor. I checked Disco Bob’s 2009 time.

He only beat me by 3 minutes last year, just barely cracking 90 minutes … He slyly let me know that 2010 will be his 15th Broad Street in a row … being ever diligent, I checked back a couple years … He’s been LOSING 3 minutes every year, while I’ve been 3 minutes quicker for each 10M I’ve done!!!

Yeah, there’s blood in the water.

* Day 1 was a “Rest Day” … You know, to keep ALL the Mondays consistent

I :heart: my Coach

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