Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well, THIS is New

Little bit of backstory from my RunningAHEAD log:

OUCH!!! Endured some odd Achillesational [Achillenear???] discomfort to starboard today ... could be residual acheyness from the wicked "wake me up from a deep sleep" charleyhorse the other night [that I KNOW Shar wished upon me, :-P]; combined with my Time Trial effort on Tuesday and bad cycling form all week ... ow well, this too shall pass

The charley-horse to starboard isn't so much of a limp-inducing muscle ache anymore ... now it just feels like I got whacked in the back of the leg with a hockey stick or a pedal or something ... should be good to go tomorrow AM


Time of day: 5:30PM
Activity: Run
Workout Type: Silly

Yes ... that says 5:30 PM ... like After Work!!! I overslept this morning and didn't get my run in, as I had planned since the whole Soleus thing seems [seemed?] to have righted itself. The Commuter Gods smiled upon me and got me home in time to change quickly and go for 3 miles, before I had to pick D'Kid up from her BFFs. What is the expression? "Someone who wants to do something will find a way; Someone who doesn't will find an excuse"

I should have either not wanted to, or found an excuse.

My inability to take time off, came up and shoved me with that "hockey slash" ache coming back all of a sudden [the first mile and a half plus change, were fine] I walked a couple hundred yards then started to jog it home ... cruising along nicely, and only about half mile out, I had not just finished saying "All in all, a good run" when I felt a vicious TOING!!! to starboard ... yeah, my day was done, and I hobbled in. Next up??? No clue .... This is new to me ... In 28 years I've never suffered a running injury, while actually running. I've had things go CRUNCH!!! that forced me to take some time off, but that didn't happen "on the road"

Let's see how this plays out

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